Permanently Installed Commercial Generators

When the power goes out, businesses need a reliable back-up solution to keep the lights on and operations running. That’s where Generac generators come in. A permanently installed back up Generac generator can save your business financial losses by providing stand by power to equipment like refrigerators or freezers. A generator will also provide stand by power for sensitive equipment like computers, servers, memory storage devices and other electronics. With cutting-edge automatic transfer switches, a permanently installed generator will automatically switch on in the event of a power outage giving you peace of mind that your business can remain operational and profitable. Generac offers an extensive catalog of solutions for every business need, no matter how big or small with air cooled and liquid cooled stand by generators from 22kw of power to diesel powered options with up to 2000kw of power and everything in between. Make sure your essential equipment is protected from a power outage and call your local authorized Generac dealer, Total Connect Electric, at 850-750-2018 for more information about which Generac generator is right for your business needs.