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Soffit Lighting

Soffit lights can be installed in residential or commercial soffits. Soffits are the surfaces underneath your roof eaves. Soffit lighting is an excellent option for illuminating the exterior of your home or business. This modern and versatile lighting option has become one of the most popular ways to add instant curb appeal for homeowners, while businesses find adding soffit lights provide additional safety for customers. Call us today to learn how you can improve the look of your home or business instantly with outdoor soffit lighting!

RV Receptacle Installation

Enjoy the benefits of owning an RV at home by installing an electrical hookup next to your driveway, dedicated concrete RV pad, or somewhere in the yard. We can even install an RV hookup on your vacant property with power on it, which will allow you to maximize your enjoyment of the land and RV. Keep your recreational vehicle ready to travel at any time, provide extra living space for guests, or just have a place to unwind with an RV hookup right at home!

Generator Wiring Services

With severe thunderstorms and hurricanes being a fact of life here in Florida, having a backup generator can give you peace of mind that your family’s or business’s electrical needs are always covered. Power outages can last for days or even weeks due to severe weather. When an unexpected power outage occurs, your standby generator will come on automatically and when the power is restored will switch itself off without you having to do a thing, ensuring you will always have a constant and reliable power supply. Call us today and let our licensed electricians help your home or business stay stable, independent and self-reliant!

Adding Power to Detached Structures

We know that every structure on a property may have electrical needs even if it’s not attached to the main building. Our experienced electricians can make sure you have power to any of your detached structures. Let us help you maximize productivity for your business, add an extra space for guests, or just create your own getaway space.

Dock Lighting & Wiring

Being surrounded by water here in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Perdido, and surrounding areas, boating is a normal way of life. Many waterfront homes have their own boat docks. Getting power out to those docks requires professionals who understand the additional risk to your safety that the combination of water and electricity can present and how critical it is to do it right. From wiring a pier for a boat lift to lighting a dock for safety, Total Connect Electric offers professional services from licensed electricians who put safety first. We can also install lighting for tasks and add sound systems and data wiring. Call us today and let us help you get the most out of your boat dock!

Accent lighting

Add visual interest to your indoor space or highlight outdoor landscaping by adding accent lighting. Accent lighting focuses on a particular area or object. Adding accent lights such as wall sconces, floodlights, recessed lights, or track lighting is a simple and popular way to instantly modernize and transform the look of any space. Call Total Connect Electric today and let us help you customize your space or landscaping with beautiful accent lighting!

Solar Power Wiring & Installations

Did you know you can save money on your electric bill or eliminate it altogether? Converting to solar can increase your property value, reduce your carbon footprint and even turn your rooftop into a money making asset! We offer solar panel wiring and installation services so you can start making your home or business work for you! Call us today and find out how!

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Your circuit breaker panel (also referred to as a breaker box or electrical panel) is what safely distributes the electricity that comes into your home from your utility company. Inside the panel are the circuits and breakers that deliver electricity to the plugs, lights, and appliances in your home. As with any other appliance, switch, or electrical wiring, the age and quality of the original equipment, normal wear and tear, age of the technology and overall capacity are factors that can affect the performance of your panel. Our professional and knowledgeable electricians can meet all of your circuit breaker panel needs. Call us today for everything from replacing specific circuits and breakers within the panel to upgrading or replacing your entire electrical system and everything in between!

Service Change Outs

Many older homes may have electrical systems that were not built to handle today’s electrical needs. A major home remodel or outdated equipment may require an electric service change out. An electric service change out or upgrade involves replacing the equipment that brings the electric service from your utility company into your home. This includes the meter socket, the main disconnect, and often a fuse or circuit breaker panel. A new electric service should only be done by a licensed electrical contractor. Call Total Connect Electric today and let our experienced electricians make sure your electric service change out is done right!

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